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Time slips through our fingers

Dreaming of doing some art….. time for a big comeback.

Also thank you to Andrew Priestley from the UK for spotting a missing page in Iron Outlaw. All fixed now.


The run down to Xmas

Social life is way to busy and my art is suffering. My next contribution will be some very stern New Year’s resolutions. Have an exhibition. Clean up shed and studio area. Sell some work to buy a flat bed saw. And the list will go on!!!

Back from Myponga

A great Mini Art Back In South Australia.  Six blokes. Great food, porridge, wine, walks, conversations and fine art work.

It was a very productive week.

Here’s a portrait Mimmo took off me mid week.



Off to Art Back

Well a mini Art Back. It’s happening mid July at a farm in Mynoog south of Adelaide.
Ten days with lots of fun getting there and back. Have band saw – will travel.