About Fysh


I was born a long time ago in Kew, Melbourne – a third generation Australian.

I studied Diploma of Commerce at Swinburne.

After living in London for a couple of years, I returned to Australia to pursue a career in Advertising.

I have worked in major advertising agencies as a Creative Director on all manner of accounts.

I am currently a 50% partner in the T20 Group.

Gather and Fold


I am an avid fly fisherman, lover of classic cars, photographer, assemblage artist and writer.



Co author of Symbols of Australia – the definitive history of Australian trademarks.

Writer/creator of “The Iron Outlaw” A 1970’s comic strip that ran in the Nation Review and Sunday Observer.

Husband of Jacqueline for 24 years and father of Lucy and Tilly.

iron outlaw

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